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General FAQs

  1. Customer Support
  2. Subscriptions / Pricing
  3. Information Security
    1. Data Storage
    2. Security Certificates / Compliances
    3. User consent

Customer Support

How can I raise a support ticket? What is the support process?

You can drop an email to for a prompt support. Our support team will get back to you with the resolution. Please refer the support section for details around SLAs & escalation matrix.

Subscriptions / Pricing

How are your APIs priced?

We follow a simple prepaid subscription model. When you subscribe to a plan, you get credits with a validity period. Credits are deducted at a task level as per the agreed rates.

What is a task?

Our API solutions are very granular in nature, you create some tasks in series or parallel to accomplish an activity. For example, you can do a PAN OCR, Pan Verification, Face compare & Face validation to complete an onboarding journey (You will be basically performing 4 tasks). Credits will be deducted for each task.

Do you charge for all requests?

We only charge for the tasks that are marked as “Completed” by our system. For OCR, we mark a request as “Completed” if the image provided appears valid based on our basic validations. For example, if an image of PAN is uploaded for Aadhaar OCR, we will mark the request as Invalid, and it will not be charged for.

How can I track my credits? Do you provide a dashboard for tracking the usage?

You can log on to to track your credit usage & other subscription details.

Do you have any APIs to check the balance credits?

We currently do not have APIs to check the balance credits.

Information Security

Data Storage

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in India - Google cloud platform (GCP), Mumbai region.

What is your purging policy?

Customer data is always purged after the completion of a task. We provide two configurable modes of purging the data - ‘Immediate’ or ‘After x minutes/hours’. We purge the document images as well as the PII data from the API request & response

Security Certificates / Compliances

What are the certifications that you have?

We are ISO 27001 certified. For more details, refer the information security section.

Is user consent mandatory while capturing document images? What are the guidelines?

User consent should be taken before capturing the ID cards. It is a mandatory step if you are using our APIs. For the consent guidelines, please refer the consent section.