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Eve Onboard APIs

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tasks
    1. Types of tasks
    2. Modes of operation
  3. Authentication


Eve APIs enable seamless identification & authentication of individuals. Our RESTful APIs make onboardings risk-free & real-time for multiple sectors - banks, insurance, financial services, crypto exchanges, gaming, matrimony, and many more.


The APIs are granular in nature, and can fit in all types of workflows. Our APIs are modelled around the concept of tasks. Each capability is a task type. Your servers create tasks by hitting our Tasks Endpoints over HTTP.

API Doc - Tasks

Types of tasks

Document & Database Checks

  • OCR - Extract data from documents
  • Visual Authenticity Check - Identify if a document looks authentic
  • Masking - Mask (or hide) sensitive sections of documents
  • Verify with source - Verify document information with external source

Face Checks

  • Face compare - Authenticate a person by comparing two face images (ID to selfie, selfie to selfie, etc)
  • Face liveness - Check if the person was present live during the onboarding

Modes of operation

There are 2 modes of operation - synchronous and asynchronous. Most tasks can be called using either APIs.
Synchronous APIs return the response right away -
Synchronus Mode
Asynchronous APIs return a request ID and use a webhook mechanism to return the response back to your servers -
Asynchronus Mode


Every request must contain headers identifying the API account as specified in the Authentication section.

An API account is an entity used for authentication, authorization and tracking usage of our APIs. It consists of an account-id and api-key.